Winter’s Edge – The Guardians of Our Time Pt.1

Ah, the shinning and bright diversity of today’s Metal music. I just love it. Just the other day I was writing about some dark doom bands with some features that darkened even more Metal scope. What most don’t know is that Metal has indeed a bright side. Below all that image of dark power and rebellion, there is a kind of sweet rebellion, rebellion even thought, but slight and light. There are bands that chose to show all their unconformity and anger through a positive vibe. There are yet bands that reach another level of spirituality through music, of course. Most don’t do that consciously, but willingly as a trace of personality. The message is clear “We’re not satisfied with this sad and lonely world we live in, but we want to show it otherwise.” Metal, at times, can be fun and bright.

Winter’s Edge are part of this group of bands. To the more radical Metal fan, they are too light, too bright. Sometimes the light darkens the eyes, as someone already said. Well, it’s a choice. The  music herein “The Guardians of Our Time Pt.1” is bright and also full of layers of sound and intricate and complex songwriting, but the tunes are uptuned which makes their music more listenable. But it doesn’t mean “The Guardians of Our Time Pt.1” lacks the aggression Metal is all about. It is pretty heavy. Winter’s Edge are a symphonic oriented band, they’re not exactly symphonic because we can’t find symphonic elements in all tracks, and where they are, they are slightly put. The music one will find in “The Guardians of Our Time Pt.1” is pretty near Power Metal, but with more elements of a classical Metal band. Female vocals of Charlotte Jones help Winter’s Edge a lot giving them their personality because she’s not the regular symphonic voice. She’s more than that. Her voice has a strong personality. It’s bright and clear giving songs a humane face. Instrumental help a lot as well. They’re strong and well-designed for the band filling the blanks that at times a band misses. The bright side is that there’s no useless and lost shreading. They play for the band, not only for themselves. Winter’s Edge’s musicians do what they have to do. Nothing else. It’s a rare quality these days.

“The Guardians of Our Time Pt.1” is an album with strong personality and also strong Metal playing. If you’re not that radical you’ll like it. Enjoy the diversity of Metal. It helps our beloved music to survive and overcome all adversities.

Winter’s Edge “The Guardians of Our Time Pt.1” was released on August 17th.

Track Listing:

  1. Open World (Intro)
  2. Guardians Of Our Time
  3. Path Of Desperation
  4. Momentarily
  5. Break It Up
  6. Dying Star
  7. Fatal Dreams
  8. In The End

    Through The Ferryman’s Eyes (Outro)

Watch “Guardians Of Our Time” official video here: