WINTERSUN Announce Crowdfunding Campaign

Last week, the Finnish kings of epic melodic death, WINTERSUN, unveiled the track list of their third studio album “The Forest Seasons” that will see the light of day in 2017. This new full-length album of 53 minutes follows the concept of Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’, but will of course feature typical epic death metal on four massive tracks. And although the album is already finished, front man and mastermind Jari Mäenpää now needs the support of his loyal fans:

“During last autumn, we had long and productive negotiations with our record label Nuclear Blast and we finalized it in November 2016. We came to a good solution, a win-win deal that will benefit everyone – WINTERSUN, Nuclear Blast and especially the fans! This means that we will do the crowdfunding and it will include our NEW album THE FOREST SEASONS!

“The purpose of this crowdfunding is to build the WINTERSUN HEADQUARTERS studio. As some of you may know this has been in the plans for a long time. It is our long time goal and dream. Building the studio is absolutely essential in order to finish TIME II and produce our future albums as fast as possible and with the best production. All the money we raise will go directly to WINTERSUN, 100%, which we will use for building the Wintersun Headquarters.

“This will be the biggest crowdfunding you’ve ever seen in the metal scene! It will be a different kind of crowdfunding than usually. We are not going to offer dozens of different items from guitar picks to used socks for a thousand bucks. We’re going to cut all the crap and only offer one very valuable perk! That’s right! It will be a massive Wintersun Crowdfunding Package called the FOREST PACKAGE and it will have lots of great Wintersun content including our new album THE FOREST SEASONS. You will be blown away!

“The FOREST PACKAGE is huge and otherwise it would be very expensive, but we are going to offer it with to very affordable price in our crowdfunding. So you guys will get great value for your money and enjoy the new album like it should be experienced, with the BEST quality! The best thing is that all of the content is 100% done, so you don’t have to wait for many months. It will be basically a pre-order for our new album.

“This way you get the NEW Wintersun album the easiest way, with the best quality and with the best price and you’ll help us get to the next level, so we can produce albums for YOU guys faster and with the best production! So this is a WIN-WIN for everyone!

“The crowdfunding will take place on INDIEGOGO between March 1st – 31st. It will last only ONE MONTH, so you guys need to be prepared! Get those credit cards and PayPal accounts ready!”

Here is the track list of “The Forest Seasons”:

1. Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring) 14:40
Part I The Dark Slumber
Part II The Awakening
2. The Forest That Weeps (Summer) 12:18
3. Eternal Darkness (Autumn) 14:08
Part I Haunting Darkness
Part II The Call of the Dark Dream
Part III Beyond the Infinite Universe
Part IV Death
4. Loneliness (Winter) 12:54