WINTERSUN Releases ‘Warning’ Orchestral Version Featuring Alien Guitars

Wintersun Warning

WINTERSUN have shared an orchestral version of their recently released single “Warning.” The song was originally released on March 9th, and it marked band’s first material since 2017’s album, The Forest Seasons.

WINTERSUN mainman Jari Mäenpää said about orchestral version: “Half of the song ‘Warning’ was the orchestrations. Ever since the first album I’ve wanted the WINTERSUN songs to be listenable also when you take out all the ‘”‘heavy elements'”‘ (drums, bass and guitars). I’ve always enjoyed orchestral music and movie soundtracks, so I’ve always tried to incorporate the orchestral elements to WINTERSUN‘s music as well.

“With this version I also wanted to introduce the WINTERSUN Alien Guitars made by Kaur Kukkur. The video is for guitar enthusiasts who are interested about the guitar specs and details of my new custom guitars. Hope you like it! Cheers!”

Last month, Mäenpää has issued an update on album(s) he is working on at the time.

He wrote on social media: “Guys, I am working on an album, several in fact, like I’ve updated you many times and will keep updating. One of these albums is coming along nicely and it’s a strong possibility it’s going to be the next one. This album is way bigger production than The Forest Seasons and it presents whole new challenges for me vocally, guitar playing and production wise. Even song writing wise, ’cause as you know I like learn and explore different composition styles and not write the same stuff over and over again, which would be easy.

“So I have to (and want to) constantly evolve and get better in every way. Development and learning new skills takes time. Many of these new challenges I’ve already conquered and I’m very happy with the results, some challenges still are ahead, but we are close to victory. And as WINTERSUN fans you guys already know that I am not going to release anything until I’m completely happy with it. And I’m guessing you wouldn’t want me to do that either, to release something unfinished. So just relax and enjoy the ride, I have a plan!”

Back in 2012, WINTERSUN put out their first LP in eight years, Time I, and said Time II would be out in around half a year after the launch. Nevertheless, thirteen years have now gone by and there is still no sign of Time II.

WINTERSUN‘s latest album, The Forest Seasons, was released in July 2017 via Nuclear Blast. The band cited Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto The Four Seasons as an inspiration for the album title.