WINTERSUN Reveals Name For New Album

WINTERSUN‘s third album is entitled The Forest Seasons, band reveals in latest Facebook post. Also, band said that they will release track listing next week.

WINTERSUN frontman Jari Mäenpää has released a statement about Time II that was supposed to be released after Time I, but instead band decided to release something that was “a bit easier to make”. He said:

TIME II was already recorded the same time as TIME I, but the mixing of TIME II came to a halt in 2014 when I realised that I could not finish the album with my resources. The album is just too big and I will not compromise and release it prematurely like I had to do with TIME I. TIME I and TIME II are huge and just insane projects. They are big budget albums that I should have not probably even started working on at that point in my career. But at that time, I had a vision for those albums and that was the only music I wanted to make. So despite the lack of funding, I wanted to challenge myself and I started working on those albums with what I had…

There were lots of technical problems and other obstacles along the way and those problems could have been solved or avoided with proper resources. Somehow I still managed to pull off at least something close to my vision for TIME I. I had to “use time” to compensate for the lack of funding and overcome the technical issues. You can literally buy money with time and buy time with money. Money = time = money. I wasn´t 100% happy with the result, but the pressure was just too high to release TIME I and get the ball rolling. That won´t happen again. TIME II will not be finished until I have the proper resources for it, but hopefully soon that’s about to change! 😉


Instead I´ve been working on… wait for it…. you know it already… a new album!!! That´s right, not a single or an EP… a full blown album with over 53 minutes of killer material and no separate intro tracks! It will be the Wintersun’s 3rd full length album. And like we stated last week it´s 100% done and ready to be released! This album was something a bit “easier to make” than the TIME albums and something that was possible to do with my current resources, but as you might have guessed it turned out to be much bigger production, like it always happens with my work! Apparently I just can´t do anything “easy”. 😛 I guess it´s against my nature! My motto has actually always been “if you can´t do something properly, don´t do it at all” although I´ve had to break that motto and compromise a lot, but no more I say!

I did one song first and was really happy how the song and the production came together perfectly! Then I came up with some other killer ideas for other songs and before I knew it, I had a concept of a full album and I wanted to create it fully and here we are finally! IT IS DONE! 😉

This stuff turned out to be just as good, if not even better in some ways! I’m 100% proud and happy about this album and the production! It’s actually the first album in my lifetime that I’m 100% happy with! It is something new and different, but still totally Wintersun!