Wisdom & Fools – What Lies Beneath Review

A very interesting and suspicious name for a band. Interesting because of the combination. This kind of combination is rare into music. Not only Metal music, but music at all. Suspicious because one may ask who the fools are and where the wisdom is. I don’t dare to answer or give my humble opinion. I don’t to ask what lies beneath either. What if anyone answers?

Ok, besides all that, the first thing that called my attention in this Wisdom & Fools with “What Lies Beneath” was the resemblance of Philip Vargas’ vocals with Tyrant’s Kermitt’s. My dear fan may find interesting that I usually compare bands, vocals, music, and other things with many other bands. The thing is that in my lonely and sad life I’ve heard many bands, but many bands indeed. For one’s information, I’ve written more than 1,500 reviews here. Of course, that doesn’t mean I know more than 1,500 bands but that gives a pretty good idea of how many bands I know. That’s why it’s natural, or even inevitable, to make some comparisons. Especially when I’m right – hahahahahaha. Lets go on, shall we?

The guitars in “What Lies Beneath” sound is pretty much the way I really enjoy. Yeah, I told that before. To be more especific two reviews before. I really like the sound of the dirty distortion Wisdom & Fools deliver here. Guitarist John Ramirez is pretty capable as well in order to take pretty decent overtones from his instrument. Pay close attention to opening track “No Way Out” and the galloping sound he makes – has anybody thought of Iron Maiden? The dirty distortion gives a nice wrapping to the his abilities. It highlights the notes, from where I’m standing. The melodies hidden in the tons of distortion also highlight the outcome. It’s the contrast that I always talk about. Metal music is the music of contrasts and Wisdom & Fools offer lots of them.

My dear fan will notice little by little that “What Lies Beneath” combines lots of influences. Maybe not the influence I’ve told before but 1980’s Teotonic Metal is definetely one of them. The guitar playing was hugely influenced by Thrash Metal and Power Metal guitarists. The riffing in here show clearly this. Take a look at “Make Us Whole” and tell me about it.

Great album, great guitars, and especially great vocals. I definetely love this kind of vocals that comes right from the guts. More Metal than this is impossible.

Wisdom & Fools “What Lies Beneath” was independently release on February 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. No Way Out
  2. The Pit
  3. Make Us Whole
  4. What Lies Beneath
  5. Infinite and Black

Watch “What Lies Beneath” official video here: