Witch Child – Machine Enslavement Review

The main aim of a Heavy Metal band is to leave its fingerprints on Metal music and, because of that, have lots of fans or, maybe, some reputation. Hardly ever a band gets this in its debut album. It happens, but rarely. Witch Child with their second album “Machine Enslavement” made this dream come true. Moreover, the band makes a huge breakthrough on Metal music making it evolve just a little bit more. The mix Witch Child made with some dashes of Thrash Metal and Epic Metal is just amazing. Instrumentals are also dazzling and fresh. Locust very personal voice also does wondrous things here with no affectation or flamboyant attitudes or the kind.

The Epic Metal grip takes strong here. A track, for instance, as “Wages of Sin” does sound give the fan some reminding of the great Manowar, but that’s all. We all agree that it is almost impossible these days to a band made 100% new music due to all the influences and great bands that came before. The guitar solo is juts perfect using effects that many guitarists don’t use anymore as the T-Wah. Great tone as well. The same happens to the intro to album opener “Wormhole/Machine Enslavement” with a great guiytar solo and riffing. The song is energetic and powerful and full bang your head riffings and passages. Intriguing and intricate instrumentals as well.

It’s funny how the more I listen to a band, the more I change my opinion about it. I mean, not that much, of course, because I have my integrity. The first time I heard “Machine Enslavement” I had the impression that it was something very fresh. Now that I’mn listening to it for the third time I had the oportunity to think about it a little more. Yeah, the sonancy here is really amazing and fresh.However, I keep finding more Manowar references as in “Bleeding for You” except for the instrumentals. Well, I get no problem with that. As I said before, it’s impossible not to sound as some other bands these days. I do think Witch Child have much more to burn especially whgen i hear a track as “Destroying Angel” and its deadly drumming cadence and guitars. “Machine Enslavement” is an album to tell all your friends about.

Witch Child “Machine Enslavement” was released on August 06th.

Track Listing:

  1. Wormhole/Machine Enslavement
  2. Bleeding for You
  3. Destroying Angel
  4. When Danger Calls
  5. Somber Somnolence (acoustic)
  6. Wages of Sin

Watch “Wormhole/Machine Enslavement” official video here: