WITCH CHILD Release ‘Machine Enslavement’

Witch Child were created by metal masterminds David Gonzalez and Locust. They came from a small town called Weslaco, TX, located near the Texas/USA-Mexico border. Locust was known for being part of several black metal bands while David mainly focused on songwriting with no real projects under his belt yet.  For about three years, David and Locust concentrated on writing songs that resembled their favorite metal bands from the 70’s and 80’s. They soon realized that finding like minded musicians was going to be an extremely difficult task.

Luckily, in the beginning of 2014, David met future Witch Child guitarist and fellow local musician Randy Carbajal at a mutual job. Randy had an ongoing experimental metal project called INK. Together with drummer Aaron Coronado and Fernando Guillen, they played music influenced by more modern metal bands such as Mastodon and Trivium. After months of discussion, the guys from INK as well as David and Locust all got together for a casual jam session. Amazingly, the collaboration went way better than any of them had anticipated. The mix of old and new metal influences created a nostalgic but modern heavy metal sound. Soon after, the guys from INK decided to join David and Locust in a project they would call Infernal Night.

For the next three years, Infernal Night delivered heavy, energetic performances throughout the state of Texas, USA. In 2017, the band decided to change their name to Witch Child which they believed more accurately represented the band’s image and heavy metal style. In 2018 they finished and released their self titled ‘Witch Child’ album, recorded and mastered at Negative Audio Studios with JD De La Rosa.

After two years of supporting the album and gaining new fans with countless live performances, they as well as the rest of the world were hit with the current global pandemic. This proved to be an emotionally painful experience to bands such as Witch Child which were accustomed to constantly performing live. To combat the negativity of lockdowns and social distancing, the band decided to concentrate on finalizing a new group of songs that would be part of a new album. In the latter months of 2020, the band headed back to Negative Audio Studios to record their newest album titled “Machine Enslavement.”Machine Enslavement” was later released independently in August 2021.

Band Line-Up:

Locust – Vocals
David Gonzalez – Guitar
Randy Carbajal – Guitar
Fernando Guillen – Bass
Aaron Coronado – Drums

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