WitchTit Intoxicating Lethargy Review

If memory serves me right, it’s the first time I review a Doom Metal band with a female vocal. So sorry for all my male friends and performers but she makes all the difference and made “Intoxicating Lethargy” turn into something really interesting and exciting – well, as exciting as a Doom Metal band can be. In fact, the album acquired a sonancy of 1960s Heavy Rock bands as the legendary Coven – the first that comes to my mind – and many others. As I said, female vocals make all the difference.

It’s not that Reign’s voice sweetened the music WitchTit desire to pass, it’s just that her vocal timbres made their music to be this way. Check out what I’m writing here in the last, but not least track “Home Invasion” and tell me if I’m not right to say it. This track has the most Heavy Rock elements of all the album and the desired shoegazed and hauled turned into something else. Its spooky atmosphere acquired a new level here with her witchlike voice. Of course, this must have been the intention from the beginning. On second thought after hearing all the tracks, “Intoxicating Lethargy” songs lack the punchy elements of getting so doomy. I explain. The album’s sonancy doesn’t have all the elements to be considered Doom, though the intention was to be considered as if it were. But as we all know good intentions pave the road to hell. In this very particular case, this change had a pro, it made me have a bigger interest in the album and to create the necessary bond to make me write about it. At first when while listening to “Silver Tongue” if the fan has a doomy background, the impression will be of a Doom band, but I’m sure the fan will strange a little. However, to me, and to fans with other background, Heavy Rock will come up. Pay close attention to the bridge to the guitar solo on the fourth minute and how it’s led. It gives another completely different approach to the song. I know it would be to go too far, however “Crimson Tide” reminds a lot Jefferson’s Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” Just a thought that came to mind.

I recommend “Intoxicating Lethargy” to be heard for all heavy metallers. It’s an album that’s really worth it due to all I’ve written above and more.

P.S.: Interesting CD cover and band name.

WitchTit “Intoxicating Lethargy” will be self-relased on March 12th.

Track Listing:

  1. Silver Tongue
  2. Crimson Tide
  3. Intoxicating Lethargy
  4. Traveler
  5. Home Invasion


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