WITHERFALL Premiere BOSTON Cover ‘Long Time (Long Version)’

Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

After entering several international charts with their latest album, Curse Of Autumn, WITHERFALL are releasing a special cover of BOSTON’s illustrious “Foreplay/Long Time”, entitled “Long Time (Long Version)”. The song has been available as Acoustic Version on Curse Of Autumn as well as slightly shorter Band Version on the Japanese edition of the album. You can watch the video premiere on April 30th (2 pm CET!) below.

Witherfall about the song and video: WITHERFALL are huge fans of BOSTON. We are obviously influenced by the rich guitar and vocal harmony work. Joseph grew up in upstate NY and Tom Scholz would come to his grandpa’s lawnmower shop for repair work. Upon becoming interested in playing guitar Joseph would frequent Bank Place Guitars, a shop owned by Joe Bonamassa’s father and Tom Scholz. Our Version of Boston’s ‘Foreplay / Long Time’ is a tribute to one of the greatest voices in rock and roll history Boston vocalist Brad Delp who in 2007 tragically took his own life… The re-working of this song reflects the true emotions behind the lyrical content. RIP”

International charts for Curse Of Autumn:

Germany: #20 Official Top 100 Albums
Switzerland: #73 Official Top 100 Albums
USA: Top New Artist Albums – #7, Current Rock Albums – #31, Top Current Albums – #83, Billboard Top Albums – #200

Curse Of Autumn Track-Listing:
1. Deliver Us Into The Arms Of Eternal Silence
2. The Last Scar
3. As I Lie Awake
4. Another Face
5. Tempest
6. Curse Of Autumn
7. The Unyielding Grip Of Each Passing Day
8. The Other Side Of Fear
9.The River
10. … And They All Blew Away
11. Long Time (Acoustic Version)