Wizard Rifle – Wizard Rifle

Yeah, my boys and girls, it’s getting more and more difficult to label bands and albums. Bands are working really hard to keep away from clichés and well-known features of most styles. Metal is no different.

Well, this “Wizard Rifle” kicks off with “Rocket to Hell” which at first seems to be a punk feature, but then in a sudden, everything changes in a incredible plot twist into a very modernish piece full of anger and speed riffing with unsual guitar tones. At first, the first impression is that a seven minute piece can’t be punk in any way, of course. And it isn’t. The following track, “Caveman Waltz,” keeps the pace with an intriguing guitar riff and the taste of some post-punk stuff that was the trend in the eighties. But the guitars in “Caveman Waltz” are too strong and too heavy to be post-punk. Vocals are the ones that give us this feeling. Also the pace gets too fast to be post-punk when near the fourth minute the track goes insanely fast. Again, as the track before, there are lots of plot twists which seem to be a trademark for Wizard Rifle.

“Wizard Rifle” is an album that has lots of variations, lots of musical surprises. What remains in a tracks is the punk spirit, not only in the musical sense, but also in the musical anarchy that the album is. “Beneath the Spider,” for instance, has those seventies features an Indian sonances that turns the track a bit ethereal, but always with the heavy grip in the guitars, which are a constant as well. Vocals bounce from the despair to the anguish. Yeah, “Wizard Rifle” is an album for the strong.

What calls the attention most in “Wizard Rifle” is the strong and fierceful guitars which can sound pretty heavy, pretty Metal, but sounding a bit post-punk, or something like The Cult used to do. But “Wizard Rifle” are much heavier, much scorching.

“Wizard Rifle” a great surprise if you’re looking for surprises. If you want more of the same, be my guest.

Wizard Rifle “Wizard Rifle” will be released on August 30th via Svart Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Rocket to Hell
  2. Caveman Waltz
  3. Beneath the Spider
  4. Funeral of the Sun
  5. V

Watch “Rocket to Hell” official audio video here:

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