Wizard Tatoo – Fables of the Damned Review

At least once a month a very peculiar album pops up to be reviewed. When I say peculiar I mean that the sonancy of the album is really something pretty unusual. This is the case of Wizard Tatoo and “Fables of the Damned” whose sonancy goes from the Doom Metal mixed with some Prog Rock elements and even some Extreme Metal mixed with Space Rock and some Gothic. So, as my dear child of the can notice the album is pretty eclectic. The thing that attracts the most to the album is that each track has its own sonancy being all of them different from each other. “Fables of the Damned” is really a hodgepodge of influences where all of them together make an experiemental album of some sort. It’s really hard to label the album due to the very peculiar mix Wizard Tatoo do here.

The sound of the guitars is also a peculiar thing here as they use that kind of distortion that makes them sound too opaque. However, in their very peculiar way they work nice to what the band is delivering. In some songs it’s almost impossible to hear them as their sound gets mixed with the background and other effects. I guess that what they do here is to saturate a lot the overdrive to get this very particular sound as “The Vengeful Thulsa Dan” showcases the fan. The keyboards are likewise a highlight as they fit in all tracks contributing with the eerie sometimes ethereal sounds of the background. Album welcomer “Abendrote” brings some Led Zeppelin contributions which is followed by “Any Which Way But Tuned” whose mood reminds the Zep though the vocals. Things start to get different when “God Damn This Wizard Tattoo” comes with its 1980’s pop Gothic Rock influences. There is something of Joy Division here on vocals and the prominent bass lines. Not Metal at all until the guitar solo comes addressing to Uriah Heep.

This is the kind of album that arise the interest of fans who don’t mind to listen a band that makes all kinds of sonic experiences. Inside Wizard Tatoo’s cauldron there is room for a myriad of sounds and influences. It’s really amazing to hear an album that is always searching for new combinations. That’s what “Fables of the Damned” is. An album open to influences and new combinations.

Wizard Tatoo “Fables of the Damned” will be released on June 23rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Abendrote
  2. Any Which Way But Tuned
  3. God Damn This Wizard Tattoo
  4. The Black Mountain Pass
  5. The Ghost of Doctor Beast
  6. The Vengeful Thulsa Dan
  7. Wizard Van

Watch “Wizard Van” official music video here: