WOESLEY JOHANN Launch Video For New Track ‘6-6-6 Ways’

In these pandemic times, many musicians / artists have produced records and a lot of digital material, and with Woesley Johann it is no different. The first single, entitled “6-6-6 Ways”, is available on all digital platforms and the track has an exclusive official video clip to present the musician’s first solo work. Make sure to watch the video below.

This song is a track where I tried to demonstrate different feelings of choices in their passages and riffs. I chose terror / horror as the theme of the music video, because it has a lot to do with personal fears that make people create“ ghosts and demons “In their lives, and whenever they are afraid of something, we are forced to make quick choices due to psychological pressure within their own imagination. I hope that everyone will appreciate it and beforehand I say: Each song on my album will be unique, with its own characteristics and style, I used 10 years of study in these tracks that range from classical music, through Hard Rock and Blues to electronic / industrial music. 11 tracks that I created and produced myself “, explains the musician.

Woesley Johann is a Brazilian musician, producer and music teacher. He was born in 94 and is the guitarist of the bands: NervoChaos, Victorizer and Goat Necropsy. In 2021 W.Johann will release his 1st solo album entitled Secrets of a Darkened Soul

Guitarist for the bands NervoChaos, Victorizer and Goat Necropsy, and who also played for the band KroW, announced on his social networks the launch of his first solo album, which will be released later this year and features super special appearances such as Prika Amaral (NervosaGuilherme Miranda  (KroW / Entombed AD) and Guilherme Vorhaas (Producer).

Along with the release of the single, Woesley Johann launches his official website containing all his information, subjects from the album and also a crowdfunding so that fans can contribute and encourage his first solo studio work.