WOLFHEART Share Video For ‘Aeon Of Cold’ Acoustic Version

Photo Credit: Valtteri Hirvonen

One entire year after the release of their latest full-length, Wolves of Karelia, Finnish melodic death metal mainstays WOLFHEART have yet another surprise for fans – a new music video for the chilling acoustic version of Aeon Of Cold, cut from their recent EP, Skull Soldiersand featuring the airy vocals of bassist Lauri Silvonen. You can check out the new music video for the acoustic version of Aeon Of Cold below.

WOLFHEART frontman Tuomas Saukkonen says about the acoustic version of Aeon Of Cold:
“It was really inspiring to dismantle a song full of blast beats, double bass drum, growling vocals and heavy guitars into a two acoustic guitar arrangement, leaving only the core of the song left and letting our bass player Lauri take the spotlight with clean vocals. Despite the contrast with the arrangements, the coldness and the somber mood of the original version is still there. We wanted to underline that with the video, so we shot the footage in the middle of the forest in -17 celsius temperature.”

Saukkonen recently stated about the upcoming EP’s concept:
“I did a lot of research about the Winter War for the Wolves of Karelia album, but after the album was out, a few reporters gave me some additional details during the interview cycle and it turns out I managed to miss some really cool hidden gems. One of them was a small “elite group”, or “Winter War special unit”, who called themselves Skull Soldiers – ninja level soldiers who painted skulls and skeletons on their helmets. I really felt that I had to write some kind of a sequel for Wolves of Karelia, and since lockdown brought a lot of free time, we decided to make an EP while waiting for the world to open up again for touring.”

Skull Soldiers EP Track List:
1. Skull Soldiers
2. Hereditary
3. Aeon of Cold (Acoustic)
4. Reaper (Live)