Wolverine – A Darkened Sun Review

It’s not a secret that my dear child of the night might have noticed here and there a tiny wee nagging about the press release labelling on bands. Nah, never did that. Maybe it’s just an impression. It’s just that sometimes the labeling on the press release isn’t exactly what one hears in the album. However, this time the press release gave me the understanding I needed to get what Wolverine desire to pass the fan. The tag Dark Progressive serves right to get to know what “A Darkened Sun” mean with all the references within it. It was great to know that this EP is the soundtrack of the eponymous film written, directed, filmed, and produced by Thomas Jansson, featuring Rebecca Evans as the protagonist. By the album I imagine the dark and intimate mood of the film. It’s not everyday that we with Metal Addicts get a soundtrack.

At first, due to the vocals I got the idea Wolverine were trying to be some kind of Whitesnake rereading. However, as the EP went by I was changed my feelings. “A Darkened Sun” is much darker than anything Whitesnake would ever do in this life. And the later I went the most the album seemed like Queensrÿche with the same mooding as albums as “Empire” and others from the 1990. Listen to “The Breach” and tell me exactly what you feel. The song is as dark as Queensrÿche used to do with the touches of Prog Metal. But the Whitesnake mood comes back with “Hibernator” with the vocals.

It took me some time and some plays to decide to review “A Darkened Sun” just because I couldn’t wonder the kind of music there was in it. I mean, sometimes even us reviewers get puzzled with what we hear. To know the details about the album always helps but in this case was essential. It made all the difference. But I still think Wolverine showcase the hybrid between Queensrÿche and Whitesnake that went Prog. Sorry it’s much stronger than I. I just keep wondering if the band doesn’t have any issues with the rights of the name.

Wolverine “A Darkened Sun” will be released on February 25th via Sensory Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Phoenix Slain
  2. The Breach
  3. Dead As the Moon
  4. Hibernator

Watch “Hibernator” official video here: