Woman Allegedly Drugged At RAMMSTEIN Concert Says She Received Cease And Desist Letter From Band’s Legal Team

Till Landemann

According to the woman who claimed that she was drugged at a RAMMSTEIN concert was allegedly asked by the band’s legal team to stop talking about the incident. Shelby Lynn had accused RAMMSTEIN frontman Till Lindemann of inviting her to have sex with him at an after-show party in Lithuania and drugging her drink.

The German metal band denied the accusations and insisted that they were not aware of any investigations into the matter. However, new evidence has surfaced that suggests that RAMMSTEIN‘s team was recruiting young women to attend after-show parties with Lindemann, with some women alleging that they were chosen specifically to have sex with him, as reported in.

According to Lynn‘s social media post, she has received a cease and desist letter from the legal team of RAMMSTEIN. This type of letter is typically used to warn recipients that their allegedly illegal activities must cease immediately, or else they may face legal action. In Lynn‘s case, the letter may have been sent due to suspicions of defamation or libel.

The letter was sent by the law firm Lichte Rechtsanwälte, whose lawyer, Sebastian Ott, previously represented the band in a case against Viagogo. Lynn shared a screenshot of the letter on WhatsApp, which appears to be a 3-page PDF file with her surname misspelled in the file name. However, the preview window shows that the name is correct in the actual letter.

“You can bankrupt me, I don’t care. I know the truth. You will not touch me to silence me,” she commented in the caption.

The authenticity of the cease and desist letter has been called into question by several individuals on online forums due to the possibility that the document was sent through a messaging application like WhatsApp, which has raised doubts about its credibility.

Some comments on Reddit have suggested that the law firm may not have Lynn’s residential address in Ireland. On the other hand, Alena Makeeva, who reportedly recruited guests for RAMMSTEIN‘s exclusive event, has access to Lynn‘s phone number, which Lynn provided. As a result, the law firm that sent the injunction may have obtained Lynn‘s phone number through.

Earlier this week, book publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch have severed all ties with Lindemann after discovering a video in which he was seen “celebrates sexual violence against women,” as the publisher put it.

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