WOMBBATH The Great Desolation Will Blast Into The Sun On June 01st via Soulseller Records

Soulseller Records proudly presents the new album of Swedish Death Metallers WOMBBATH!
The band was part of the birth of the Swedish Death Metal scene and went into hiatus after a handful of classic releases. Until 2014 when original member and guitarist Håkan Stuvemark felt the urge to play raw old school tunes again. He recruited vocalist Jonny Pettersson and after a few splits, the comeback full-length “Downfall Rising” was recorded. The process fuelled the band to become once again a force to be reckoned with.
After playing all over the world the band is now back with the follow-up entitled “The Great Desolation” which takes the WOMBBATH sound to the next level, charged with old school  rawness, darkness and haunting melodies.

Track Listing:
1. Embrace Death (4:23)
2. The Great Desolation (3:21)
3. Footsteps Of Armageddon (3:56)
4. Born Of Filth (4:15)
5. Punisher Of Broken Oaths (4:12)
6. The Weakest Flesh (4:16)
7. Cold Steel Salvation (3:51)
8. Hail The Obscene (6:03)
9. Harvester Of Sin (3:11)

Håkan Stuvemark – Guitar
Jonny Pettersson – Vocals
Al Riglin – Guitar
Henrik Åberg – Drums
Johan Momqvist – Bass

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