Wonders – Beyond the Mirage Review

It’s very interesting how an album can change so much from the opening track until its grand finale. “One Million Miles” promises a Speed Metal band with all the velocity and anger the subgenre delivers to metallers. But everything changes with “Breaking the Chains” that embraces a Power Metal spirit. Well, on second thought, this change isn’t really that unexpected because Power Metal has its roots on Speed Metal. First, bands speeded up their music to then add some more melody and elaborate guitars. One of the outstanding differences between them is that Power Metal is much more melodic on vocals and on the guitars to create that contrast I’ve been talking about.

It’s so good to know that I can still be surprised by a Power Metal band. Wonders did that to me with their sophomore album “Beyond the Mirage.” By the way, Wonders are a kind of spin off of Even Flow as brothers guitarist Pietro Paulo Lunesu and drummer Giorgio Lunesu with vocalist Marco Pastorino come from that band. Marco Pastorino is also from the main line-up of Temperance as a lead guitarist as well. From Temperance also comes bassist Luca Negro. Add to the line-up Bob Katsionis with the keyboards. So, it’s fair to say Wonders are a joint venture of Even Flow and Temperance.

It’s also interesting how one’s opinion may change in the day after or on the second time listening to an album. Now, “One Million Miles” doesn’t sound so Speed Metal and “Beyond the Mirage” sounds even more Power Metal than yesterday. “Beyond the Mirage” is heavier than most of its peers and doesn’t have the same fantasy based lyrical content. Marco Pastorino’s tone of voice is harsher than his peers giving Wonders’ music much aggression and power to say the least. As a matter of speaking, Wonders have more elements from American bands than European. The ballad “All My Dreams” showcases this approach. With that the double bass drumming sounds much more effcient and heavy than it would be expected as “Coming Home” delivers the fan. Bottomline, “Beyond the Mirage” sounds much more as Helloween than Rhapsody of Fire.

I recommend this album to all Metal fans that appreciate a Power Metal less melodic and, let’s say, more raw, if that’s possible to Power Metal.

Wonders “One Million Miles” was released on June 16th via Limb Music.

Track Listing:

  1. One Million Miles
  2. Breaking the Chains
  3. Here I Go Again
  4. Hold Me, Save Me
  5. Once Upon a Time
  6. In & Out of Time
  7. Coming Home
  8. All My Dreams
  9. Into the Light
  10. The Time of Your Life

Watch official lyric video here: