Would the Samurai Sword be the Sharpest Blade in Existence?

Samurai Sword

Katanas were the used weapons by samurais back in those days of action and deadly fights, since it’s made with high-quality steel that was the best in that era, this weapon was strong enough to cut an enemy into pieces without so much effort. For that reason, these words are categorized as a masterpiece because it has a beautiful design and it offers a reliable blade that can be one of the sharpest in existence, well, kind of actually… Since a lot of time has passed since the samurai era, a lot of swords and blades had been created, but the main question is: Would the Samurai Sword be the Sharpest Blade in Existence? Let’s figure it out!

Would the Samurai Sword be the Sharpest Blade in Existence?

In simple words, no, these Japanese swords aren’t the sharpest blades in history there are lots of blades that can be not only more reliable but also sharper and efficient as well! Since we’re not talking specifically about swords, even the scalpel or razor blades can cut much faster and also be sharpest than a katana! Confused, right? Well, this statement requires an explanation to understand what’s is going on and why a tiny surgery tool is winning against samurais swords, so stay tuned.

First of all, katanas are made of folded steel based on tamahagane surface, they were kind of efficient in that era, however, thanks to its making process these weapons are pretty primitive because one simple mistake in the process and the result will be a crappy blade that couldn’t cut even butter or bread. For that reason, the sword-makers tried to solve this particular problem, and they reached a basic solution! When the blade was being cooled, they had to do it in two different parts at the same time, otherwise, the blade would break or be useless, this action is the motive why katanas have that strange but stylish form that performed well in the battlefield.

However, the reason why katanas were so powerful and deadly in the hand of the samurais, is for the fact that their cutting power comes from the blade’s shape! So, katanas aren’t sharpest than other swords, but they can cut better than some styles and models of swords and sharp utensils. Everything is thanks to the form of the weapon! Who would ever think that a deadly-looking sword like this is nothing against modern tiny tools but back in the day, it could defeat lots of fighters with simple movements in no time.

Katanas could be sharper without any problem at all, however, they will lose power and reliability in fights! For that reason, sword-makers decided to maintain a healthy balance between these two key features to create a deadly weapon that was strong enough to make samurais a great threat back at that time. Sadly, due to these reasons, they can’t hold the title of the sharpest blade in existence, they lost this time.

So, Katanas Lost… Which Blades are Sharpest then?

It may be disappointing the fact that katanas aren’t as wonderful as we thought, but at least this knowledge could be used for something in the future, maybe to tell stories or interesting facts to your friends or family members as well! But, if you love this kind of stuff, you should take a look at the blades that are considered superior to old katanas, so watch these monstrosities kick the ass of these Japanese swords!

Blade #1: Damascus Sword.

This is the sword that is holding the title of the sword in the existing right now. They are incredibly strong but somehow, they can maintain good flexibility that can beat any modern sword or blade in these actual days. Surprisingly, the ones who forged these types of Damascus Sword used nanotechnology without even knowing it! Sadly, the techniques of making this monstrosity disappeared back in the 18th Century, such a shame…

Blade #2: Surgical Scalpels.

The reason why these common utensils are sharper than a katana is for the fact that they use a better material with better cutting techniques in the making process, for example, you can’t just compare tamahagane with silver, stainless steel or high carbon steel, the poor katana can make good cuts like scalpels. Just think for a moment, why doctors and surgeons use this type of blade during extremely complicated procedures? The answer is very easy, there isn’t any other blade that can cut efficiently and reliably like surgical scalpels do, for that reason this instrument is by far the most important one in modern medicine to perform any operation in the body.

Blade #3: Razor Blades.

These miniature blades aren’t the strongest on the list, but they indeed are sharper than any other katana. This is thanks to the materials that are used to produce razor blades, first of all, they can be made of silver and even with stainless steel, and both of them destroy the katana without hesitation in terms of sharpness, however, we have to remember the fact that katanas were made as a powerful and sharp weapon that can easily kill human enemies in the battlefield, in simple terms, it tries to maintain a balance between power and sharpness to avoid losing stopping power on the hands of the user.

Blade #4: Persian Shamshir.

This is the most bizarre of the list without any doubt, its design is something that can be considered a masterpiece if it wouldn’t be so deadly. This weapon was first introduced in the 9th Century to fight against unharmed opponents without worrying if the user was on foot or mounted.

The bad thing about this blade is surprisingly its form! Due to that bizarre-looking style it’s one of the sharpest blades in existence, but it reduces the accuracy a lot, making it a complicated weapon that only was used by a warrior who mastered its movements and perfectioned the techniques to not lose precision on any cut because in that times, one mistake was enough to end your life in the battlefield, so only the most skilled warriors used this weapon to destroy their enemies.