Wraith – Black Knife – Graveripper – Unholy Night – Faster Than the F*cking Devil Review

An album that does justice to its tittle. “Faster Than the F*cking Devil” is the real deal of speed. Actually, Speed Metal hell in great 1980s style. It’s a split album with four bands. Yeah four bands. I didn’t write it wrong. It’s really four bands. One more vicious and fierceful than the other. More than being faster as hell, the album is vicious as hell. There are 11 tracks in the album though the track division is a little uneven to Unholy Night. Wraith, Black Knife – what a name for a band, isn’t it – Graveripper – this is one is so cool. Very 1980s – got three tracks while Unholy Night got only two. Well, this may be for a lot of reasons. The same reasons, I guess, why bands record split albums today. First, maybe because it’s a Metal tradition from the 1980s. Second, because the bands didn’t have the enough dough to record a full-length by themselves. And third, maybe because it was an opportunity and they didn’t have enough songs for a full-length. All of them great and valid reasons.

“Faster Than the F*cking Devil” showcases a very linear choice of bands as all of them have more resemblances than differences. Of course, all of them have their single and unique way of being. Welcoming track by Wraith “Demons of Doubt” is nothing but a good time – hehehehehehe very few will understand this. It begins with a ferocious a la Slayer guitar solo. However, Wraith isn’t a Slayer copycat. The band would be labeled as Black Speed Metal back then, and to be really frank, that’s pretty acurate. “Demons of Doubt” is a great track as one of the best of the split album and Wraith are a great with a great future. Well, all four bands are ready to strike. Black Knife have more of a Motörhead style with a prominent bass with an insane vocalist. The band is easily distinguished from the previous due to the furious and enraged vocals and instrumentals. I liked a lot the growls and roars in each track.  Graveripper, though, sound a little bit more modern. I guess it can easily be labeled as early Black Metal. What stands to the eye is the great production of the bands three tracks which gives them more power and glory. On the other hand, Unholy Night had a poorer production with a low volume that made easy to distinguish both bands. But the band has lots of power and adrenaline. It’s a powerhouse of distortion and faster than hell drumming. Unholy Night are the Speed Metal hell loyalest band of the split album. The fan gets immediatly transported to the 1980s with both two tracks: “Louder, Angrier” and “Ancient Rites.”

“Faster Than the F*cking Devil” honors the tradition. It does justice to the most important split albums of the glorious Metal history.

Wraith / Black Knife / Graveripper / Unholy Night “Faster Than the F*cking Devil” will be released on September 02nd via Wise Blood Records.


1. Demons of Doubt
2. (Call Me) The Destroyer
3. Seven Serpents

4. Land of the Dead
5. Gouge the Eyes Out, Steal the Soul
6. Satanic Commander

7. Mind Filled With Dread
8. Night Frozen Black
9. Tomb of the Oppressor

10. Louder, Angrier
11. Ancient Rites