XIL ‘Rip & Tear’

Travel into an alternate dimension with XIL. Driven forward on a fuel of epic thrash and speed metal, just in time to witness the exiled Speedemons stop at nothing in their sacred quest to “Rip & Tear” the fabric of reality and for universal assimilation and possession of the human mind.

Blasting out of the savage underground of south-central Texas, the trio unshackle a dynamic sound born out of speed and thrash, with a riotous rock ‘n’ roll edge. Attacking with a powerful brutality, XIL’s new album speeds through the light barrier with intense energy that refuses to let up. “Speedemons” races at redneck speed following the dark entities in their mission to pillage and plunder the human species. “Breakneck” begins with a slower tempo building up to a dramatic transition into hard-hitting percussion and kick-ass guitar riffs. Creating a wall of sound with the instrumentation, XIL’s vocals soar above the utter heavy chaos, bringing their own raw, aggressive impact into the mix. Concluding “Rip & Tear” with “Equinox” combines the pillars of their sound to an ultimate climax. It’s energetic and filled up on guitar riffs producing a blazing effect.

The future of the Earth may be looking rather bleak as the demonic warrior forces take control, but death by thrash and speed seems like a pretty good way to go. Dive head-first into this epic metal fantasy.

XIL are:
Jordan L. Hoffart: Sync-keeper of ravenous MotörBeats / keys
Austin James: Four stringed black thunder / lead vocal destruction
‘Big Joe’ Aguilar: Hellish blues disturbance / secondary overkill throat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xxexile
Bandcamp: https://xilspeedemons.bandcamp.com/

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Roberto Canales at Red barn Studio – Mission Texas
Produced By: Roberto Canales And XIL
All Music written and Performed by XIL
All Lyrics Written by XIL
Synths/Keys: Quinten Serna and Jordan Hoffart
Logo and Front Cover Arrangement:Chevy McQuaid Jr.
Cover Photo: Michael Thomas and Eddie Blanquiz

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