Yanomamo – No Sympathy for a Rat

I find Funeral Doom Metal intriguing and defying and even puzzling. But most of the times simple boring. It’s true that it’s not my favorite kind of Metal, but sometimes it fits alright in the mood and in the expectations. The thing is that when the band is too funeral and too doom – got what I mean? – it turns out to be a heck. Too long, too shoegazed, too dark, too many. But, for my own and the fan’s sake Yanomamo “No Sympathy for a Rat” is none of the above.

Well, first things first, when I got the album and read the name of the band Yanomamo I though it would be or Hardcore or Grindcore never Fumeral Doom. My bad, but the name makes one jumps to those conclusions, don’t you agree? Second, “No Sympathy for a Rat”  is a killer riffing machine. Seriously, what made me bond with the album was the Sabbathish riffing with a a gloomy and funereal vocals with a lot of angry. For the fan understands, it would like Pantera’s Phil Anselmo singing in a Doom Metal band. Yeah, that’s a perfect comparison.

“No Sympathy for a Rat” is an EP with only four tracks of about 22 minutes. As I said the neat guitar riffing pays off. The album is worth only for them. But, there are tracks that stand out as “Iron Crown” with a groovy cadence for Funeral Doom standards. The cadence is pretty Black Sabbathish with a Pantera vocal touch. The outcome is nervous, wrathful and choleric. Just the way Metal of any kind should really be for starters. By the way, I have to say a few words about the guitars tones. They are thick and heavy. The way I see it they are the chery of the cake. Ah, by the way, I have to say some words about the drumming as well. Pretty amazing the way drummer Jack Thomas fills in the spaces with interesting and havey handed fillings. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward would be very proud. The man punches his kit with no mercy.

Long story short, if Yanomamo “No Sympathy for a Rat” could make me appreciate Funeral Doom Metal a lot, wonder what it can do for you.

Yanomamo “No Sympathy for a Rat” will be released on August 07th.

Track Listing:

  1. No Sympathy for a Rat

  2. The Offering

  3. Miasma

  4. Iron Crown