YEAH, SICK! Launch New Video For ‘Living Hamburger’

The debut album from Victorian Hardcore duo YEAH, SICK!  is due for release on the 26th of June is set to melt your face off!. Set to Devour Us All is a 9-track blend of metal and hardcore punk, that is sure to take you back to the stylistic roots of 90s nu-metal and 00’s hardcore. Along the release off artwork and tracklist, the band  released today the music video for the first single “Living Hamburger“.

The duo, featuring vocalist/bassist Liam (Frosty) Frost-Camilleri and drummer Benito Martino, have put together a series of sing along tracks that deal with modern day issues such as veganism, conspiracy theories, a zombie apocalypse and a living hamburger who is set to devour us all. Sometimes serious, sometimes teetering on the edge of comedy in their lyrics and themes, YEAH, SICK!  are hitting the ground running with no sign of slowing down.  

With the first single “Living Hamburger“, Frosty has described the track as “such a fun idea for a song. Imagine running from a hamburger big enough to swallow your entire family whole?! I just love the idea,” and Martino states is “Without a doubt, it is the silliest thing I’ve ever played. Difficult, but just so silly and fun”. Check out the video for yourself below:

YEAH, SICK! started as a lockdown project. After writing a series of riffs on a bass guitar, Liam (Frosty) Frost-Camilleri approached long time friend Benito Martino to create a new project with a stripped-down hardcore sound. Fusing metal and punk elements, the duo set out to create a hard hitting, sing-along style of music with an aggressive edge. Deciding on topics of difference, Yeah, Sick! walks the edge between serious hard-hitting music and comedy metal with song titles such as ‘Living Hamburger’ ‘Vegan Butcher’ and ‘The Little Book Of Calm’. The bands likes to write about things they know and love while sometimes looking at the world from a different point of view.

YEAH, SICK! are set to release their first album and are not slowing down. After a few run of shows it will be back in the studio for a second release in coming months. In the meantime, you can check out one of their 5 film clips from their first recording.