Year of the Goat – The Unspeakable

PromoImage (55)  Honestly, I’ve never really heard what occult rock sounds like before today, so I’m not exactly what you could call an expert on that genre, but to me the upcoming album from Year of the Goat“The Unspeakable”, is as good as introduction as any. This whole album with all nine tracks on it being very spot on with both sound and tempo which gave this record a surprisingly upbeat tone, but I think we can all guess that it’s not all unicorns and butterflies just by the band’s name alone. The guitars have a very nice groove to them that aren’t really metal heavy which is why I think it’s occult rock and not occult metal, but the same goes for the vocals which are smooth to my surprise and that added an extra element that would’ve been lacking (obviously) and would’ve made “The Unspeakable” have a more hollow sound if you can understand what I mean by that. The drums also bring a bit of an intricate sound with a steady beat that went really well with the guitars and vocals. Even though I can’t say that this album is for everyone with the lyrics not exactly talking about rainbows and kittens, I can say that if you can get past them then you are in for a great album, and if you don’t care about the lyrics well the good for you! Year of the Goat have made a truly solid album that I applause greatly with how well done it is and not having a single dull moment that I could point out even after listening to the album all the way through three time. Not a single one.

“The Unspeakable” comes out July 31st. You can stream the track “The Emma” via YouTube below, and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. All He Has Read
  2. Pillars of the South
  3. The Emma
  4. Vermin
  5. World of Wonders
  6. The Wind
  7. Black Sunlight
  8. The Sermon
  9. Riders of Vultures