Yeo’s Band – Azteca’s Revenge Review

In general Symphonic Metal albums never begin with the female soprano’s voice right away. They usually do a kind of preparation to it. Don’t ask me why but after listening to “Azteca’s Revenge” this simply poped up my mind. Yeah, my dear fan. Pay close attention to all Symphonic Metal bands you know and check this out. And by the way, what a voice Ameyali Escobar has!

Yeo’s Band are a combination of Symphonic Metal band with Neoclassical. I’ll elaborate. “Azteca’s Revenge” is full of instrumental tracks and they are full of what is now named Neoclassical Metal a la Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force. As my dear fan can notice instrumentals, I mean guitars, are the highlight of the album as well. Between you and me, this combination from where I’m standing is a killer, huh? As usual, album opener “Don’t You Cry” is the coolest. Guitars are pretty damn heavy here and contrast a lot with soprano vocals. One of the best combinations ever. “Imperial Men” is next and delivers the Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force grip I told you. The track has a slower cadence but does have a nice mooding. Then comes “Azteca’s Revenge” the first of many instrumentals the album have with that Neoclassical feling I’ve told before. “For Those Who Died in Vain” has a nice and thoughtful tittle and I lost track of how many they were. A great homage to all them.

Ok, fun fact about the album. If you like me expected that an album named “Azteca’s Revenge” would have any reminder of the Asteca’s people you are flat wrong. There is no sign of them in the album what is such a pitty because I’ve had in touvh with some really interesting bands that try to emulate the Astecan sonancy. I mean,  Yeo’s Band did write songs with the Astecan theme in their lyrics, and that’s pretty okay. However. musicwise, what we have here is the pretty flat concert music which, I mean, does a great figure here. I don’t mean any critique to the band. I just think they would get even better if they used those sonancies. Just a thought.

Yeo’s Band “Azteca’s Revenge” was released on July 03rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Don’t You Cry
  2. Imperial Men
  3. Azteca’s Revenge
  4. For Those Who Died in Vain
  5. Liberty
  6. Thanks to You
  7. In Your Arms
  8. Friend
  9. In Your Arms (acoustic version)
  10. Clair De Lune

Watch “Imperial Men” official music video here: