YES JON ANDERSON On A Reunion: ‘I’m Very Open To It. It’s Been 50 Years Now’

Art rock legend Yes vocalist Jon Anderson talked to the Rolling Stone magazine about the idea of reuniting for a farewell tour. Take a look on what he said as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar.

Anderson said:

“I’m very open to it. It’s been 50 years now. You think something has got to happen. To me, a great album has to be made. That’s what I think.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be made, but the final Yes event should happen. I’ve talked to a couple of people about it and they get it. I really want to do this.

“I’ve even written eight songs for the record that I’m thinking would work with a full orchestra and a choir.”

Asked if guitarist Steve Howe is into this idea, Jon replied:

“I don’t know. Maybe he’ll read this article and say yes or no. I don’t know.”

On the band’s relations, he said:

“We had a good couple of years. Onstage we were just in it, killing it every show. It was magic. But there was, dare I say it, mismanagement of the situation. I love the guys. We’re musical brothers. I just thought, ‘I need to breathe.’ I couldn’t breathe towards the end. It felt like too much weight on me. Also, there was too much of, ‘Should we do an album?’ We couldn’t agree on that. As soon as I said I didn’t want to tour this year and just make my own album, I could finally breathe again.”