YOTH IRIA Presents Wine Collection With Headbanging Wine And Spirits

Yoth Iria Wine

Headbanging Wine and Spirits have presented YOTH IRIA collection. For this first series they choose a high quality red wine produced in 2015.

Thanks to the refreshing morning breezes from the Ambracian Gulf, the Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are able to achieve full maturity in spite of the high summer temperatures. The breezes are enhancing those black fruits with spicy tones reminding one of Syrah, as well as a finish of olive paste.

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A massive comeback from the duet, which developed and pioneered the underground scene back in the day.

Jim AKA Mutilator was the first bassist and a founding member of the Greek black metal band ROTTING CHRIST.

He was also the first bassist in VARATHRON. He appears on both ROTTING CHRIST’s Thy Mighty Contract and VARATHRON’s His Majesty at the Swamp, two of Hellenic black metal’s most recognised and defining albums.

He also participated in the most impoportant black metal tour back in the day, which included BLASPHEMY, IMMORTAL and ROTTING CHRIST. He left Varathron in 1993, shortly after their full-length debut.

He did two more albums with ROTTING CHRIST, Non Serviam and Triarchy of the Lost Lovers before leaving in 1996. However, he contributed lyrics to ROTTING CHRIST all the way up until the Sleep of the Angels album.

In 1985, at the age of 14, he started a band called BLACK CHURCH with the Tolis brothers. Two years later the trio went on to form ROTTING CHRIST. George AKA Magus Wampyr Daoloth , The Magus or Morbid is a Greek musician and producer, mostly known for his work in the Greek black and death metal scenes.

His mostly known for his collaboration with bands such as NECROMANTIA, ROTTING CHRIST, THOU ART LORD and many more. He is credited for shaping the “Hellenic sound” of black & death metal.

George Emmanuel, owner of Pentagram studios adds his talent with a 6-string majestic performance and his experience as an ex-member of ROTTING CHRIST. Fasten your seatbelts, the time has come, prepare yourself for the purest of Metal, the darkest of Magic and a hell of our Freedom.