YOTH IRIA Unveil New Track And Music Video ‘The Red Crown Turns Black’

Yoth Iria

YOTH IRIA, the brainchild of Greek black metal veterans Jim Mutilator and The Magus, have unveiled a music video to the track “The Red Crown Turns Black” from their upcoming debut album. Entitled As The Flame Withers the album is planned for a 25 January 2021 release via Pagan Records

Watch “The Red Crown Turns Black” below.

The song gives listeners a taste of what to expect from the full-length, which provides a fresh look into ’90s Greek occult black metal with a nostalgia of the past and a look into the future.

In the video, the band describe, “an innocent soul transforms into a dark goddess and transcends mortal limitations through a communion with the mysterious Egyptian deity Amun.”

As The Flame Withers was recorded and completed at the famous Pentagram Studio with George Emmanuel (ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTICFLESH, LUCIFER’S CHILD, ACHERONTAS, etc.). The artwork was completed by Harnasash Singh.

As The Flame Withers track listing:

1. The Great Hunter
2. Yoth Iria
3. Hermetical Code
4. The Mantis
5. The Red Crown Turns Black
6. Unborn, Undead, Eternal
7. Tyrants
8. The Luciferian

Yoth Iria As The Flame Withers