ZAKK WYLDE On Rock Hall: ‘I Don’t Know Why Anybody Gets B*tthurt Every Year, Calm Your T*ts’

Zakk Wylde

In a recent interview with Cassius Morris, guitarist Zakk Wylde was asked for his opinion on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As previously reported, JUDAS PRIESTMOTÖRHEADNINE INCH NAILS, SOUNDGARDEN, MC5T.REX and THIN LIZZY are among the nominees for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame‘s class of 2020.

“Yeah, I think it’s great, the whole thing. In regards to that, like, I don’t know why anybody gets b*tthurt every year,” Zakk said. “Like, ‘I wonder if Eddie Van Halen is gonna make the Guitar Hall of Fame,’ ‘I wonder if Di Meola is gonna make the Guitar Hall of Fame,’ ‘I wonder if Randy Rhoads is gonna make it’…

“We already know all these people are already in it, so, it’s just, like, putting so-and-so on this year,” he continued. “I mean, you can’t put everybody in, in one year, then there’s no reason for us to have a party next year.

“The first year we did the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, we could have put KISS in there, I mean, let’s just look at the top of our heads, like, the first year, me and you were in charge, it’s just, like, ‘Alright, THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, FLEETWOOD MAC‘…

“I mean, we could just keep going and going about every act that we wanted, we already know this. If we put all 500 bands in, then what’s the point in coming back next year? It’s, like, the sitcom Hall of fame, it’s just like we already know they’re already in, but if we put them all in one year, then what’s the point in coming back?”

When asked if he’s bothered by the fact that other genres are also included, he responded: “No. I mean, if you had a board of peers of, like, rock guitar players voting for what other types of rock guitar player should be in there, or like, jazz guitar players voting for other jazz guitar players…

“It’s just, like, I think the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame is basically the Music Hall of fame, so the whole thing is, you have, whether you’re a classical guitarist or you’re Lady Gaga or Sam Cooke, or Percy Sledge, or Michael Bolton… it’s whoever, you know?

“All these people I mentioned are great singers or great players, it’s just kind of, like, ‘Let’s have them come in this year,'” he added. “I just think it’s a great way for everybody to get together, you honor all these other musicians, so it’s like, I just think it’s kind of silly when people get all upset about it, you know?

“It’s ridiculous, we already know all these great musicians belong in there. So if they’re not in this year, they’ll get in next year. Everyone, like, calm your t*ts. We already now JUDAS PRIEST was awesome, we already know DEEP PURPLE‘s great.”

Last year, IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson was asked by a fan if he thinks the band should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

He responded: “Absolutely… I actually think the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is an utter and complete load of bollocks, to be honest with you.

“It’s run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn’t know rock and roll if it hit them in the face. They need to stop taking Prozac and start drinking f**king beer.”