Zakk Wylde Tells Why Ozzy Is ‘Like My Older Brother’

zakk wylde

BLS front man Zakk Wylde has stated the obvious to all of us old school folks, but I understand. When I first heard him on OZZY‘s No Rest For The Wicked, I knew for a fact that he would never go away. Every note spoke to me and touched things deep inside me that Randy Rhodes and Jake E. Lee just couldn’t quite get to and I was thinking “Who is this new kid who just blew my f*cking mind?” Come to find out he wasn’t a “kid” but a studious and accomplished musician and the more I dug into his background, the more I understood that it was only a matter of time for him. OZZY just kind of found him before anybody else did and thrust him into the forefront.

There are literally millions of people who have heard BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and loved the sh*t out of all of them not knowing that he ever played for OZZY. I have had to tell at least 20 people just in passing and they were all like “No sh*t? I will have to check that out!” All of them being younger people who have never been into OZZY or known any of the facts of why or how Zakk was able to be heard by them in the first place. I hope that this statement by Mr. Wylde can clear that up for the ones who don’t know.

In a recent interview with Australia’s Heavy magazine, Mr. Wylde stated “Without Ozzy, I wouldn’t be talking here with you right now,” Wylde said. “I’ve always loved Ozzy. He’s always been one of the coolest guys and he’s like an older brother and it’s truly a blessing. I still talk to Ozzy, ’cause he’s family to me. Just because BLACK LABEL is full time, it doesn’t really matter. Because if [current OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist] Gus G.‘s wife was having a baby and Ozzy wanted me to fill in, I’d do it. The thing is, with Ozzy, he introduces you to the world, and whatever you want to do is up to you. What are you gonna do? We all gotta have jobs and pay bills. Ozzy offered me an opportunity and introduced me to the world, and you just gotta role your sleeves up and get to work instead of sitting on the couch, talking about how you’re gonna be bigger than McDonalds.”

Transcribed by Blabbermouth