Zaum – Eidolon

a3468814569_10  There’s a certain sense of perpetual intrigue that comes with any band that dares to make songs that are longer than what you’d hear on the radio. And by “longer” I don’t mean a six or eight-minute track that bands like, for instance, Metallica are known for. I mean pieces that are over f**king ten or even fifteen minutes in length. And with even that, some bands still manage to go above and beyond to create something truly stunning. Those instances generally happen in doom metal territory simply because doom metal is slower, so yeah. But the latest band to really master the art of super long songs is Zaum who’s super potent blend of psychedelic doom comes to life beautifully with their latest album of “Eidolon”.  There’s one aspect of the record that sticks out more than anything else, and it’s the fact that there are but two tracks that make up the over 40 minute run time of “Eidolon”. What do they do with all that time you may ask? Well, they split it between two key elements: brilliantly done atmosphere and doom metal that’s as intoxicating as it is atmospheric. Both tracks kick off which heavy psychedelic effects that vary between what sounds to be the echoes of chanting in an ancient temple to the sounds of the jungle molded together with some sort of woodwind instrument. It’s then a magnificent wind up in both case as after minutes of atmosphere done perfectly, Zaum then kicks in with the doom metal that isn’t nearly as heavy as some people would prefer, but they make up for it in captivating riffs and an every present psychedelic cloak that covers absolutely everything. Neither of the tracks of “Eidolon” stay idle for long so the music never really gets stale due to the same rhythm or sound being done for way too long, and that really helps keep the flow of the record going keeping you immersed whether you be deep into the riffs or taking a casual ride through the album. Not many bands can be so captivating and consistent for such a long period of time, but Zaum prove right away that they aren’t your typical bands and have heaps of proof that can be found in the first song alone. “Eidolon” is without a doubt one of the most interesting, most well done, and entertaining albums that I’ve come across all year, and if you’re even mildly into an album with a heavy psychedelic presence or a killer doom sound that’s ever-present you’re absolutely going to want to investigate what Zaum has somehow created with this record. 

You can listen to and purchase “Eidolon” on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Influence of the Magi
  2. The Enlightenment