ZEISTENCROIX Premieres ‘Ice Queen’ Lyric Video


Los Angeles-based post-industrial metal band ZEISTENCROIX wasted no time during the pandemic and set to work creating a furiously epic new EP Cruxi-Fiction, which is released today. ZEISTENCROIX is a trio of metal renegades who merge together genres of alternative, rock, grunge, jazz, and, of course, metal. Orlando Draven (OD), lead vocalist and songwriter, has been singing since childhood and began leaning into his signature throat singing at 16 years old. Santi Rivillas takes control of drums and every visual aspect of the band, being an Art Director and graphic designer in his own right, and Akopan, (AKO), is on guitar enthralling fans with his showmanship during each and every performance. Cruxi-Fiction is being recorded and mixed at Stygian Sound with Alex Crescioni and Tim Palmer, to be released via Pavement Entertainment, with whom the band recently signed.

Along with the EP release, ZEISTENCROIX is premiering lyric video for “Ice Queen,” which can be seen below.

Cruxi-Fiction will combine searing, sonic vibrations from OD’s throat singing with perfectly timed guitar riffs and pulsating drums to create a dark symphonic and unique sound elusive to any other band of its kind. Fans oscillate between labeling ZEISTENCROIX as metal, alternative, or industrial, showcasing the band’s ability to create a genre entirely of its own using inspiration from speed thrash metal, jazz, grunge, rock, and classic heavy metal harmonies.

Band comments on EP: “This is an album where we mixed philosophical stand points with romantic situations and turmoils, it conveys stories and thoughts that blends well with the Melodies and rhythms, we also started to include more guitar solos and it felt more organic”. We had the pleasure of working with Tim Palmer and Alex Crescioni which took the songs to the next level and added an impressive quality and life to what we had”