Zero Theorem – Ataraxis

Of the bands of the so-called modern metal, this Zero Theorem “Ataraxis” is the one that pleased me the most. I “blame” that on vocalist Caesar whose velvet and well-tuned voice does the job pretty well. In terms of instrumentals, Zero Theorem do sound modern, but Caesar’s voice balance things out. With a heavier instrumental and a grittier vocal, Zero Theorem could get as melodic death metal as Soilwork or In Flames, perhaps some of their influences. But that’s not the point, I am pretty satisfied with Caesar’s voice.

Talent driven genres like rock and metal give artists the chance to shine. It is very difficult to a person who is used to an overproduced and overmechanical genre understand what I am telling. Listen to the title track, “Ataraxis” and check the emotional crescendo the song gets driven by Caesar’s voice. It is the contrast between his overhumane voice with an instrumental that sometimes gets very mechanical. Yeah, I know, it is the subgenre character.

On the other hand, songs like “Low” show a resourceful band. The leading riff shows a humane face of Zero Theorem which leave behind a little all the effects to get a grip in a more traditional way. A fun fact that I always keep on telling here is that only “Rorschach” has the 1990s taste. Many bands with this modern grip have this 1990s taste I cannot explain why. Maybe it is the voice or the effects. I really cannot tell.

Zero Theorem are a band that can please even a death metaller due to their proximity to the bands I told before. “Area,” for instance, has a big emotional grip. Drummer Jake Hayden does a pretty good job in it. He resourcefully scapes by some drums clichés. Bottomline, “Ataraxis” is an interesting EP. I recommend it to the ones who are beginners to this art. By the way, very nice cover art.

Zero Theorem “Ataraxis” will hit the streets on May 04th via Shim Sham, LLC.

You can listen Ataraxis” via Spotify. And you can purchase “Area” via iTunes. “Ataraxis” is also available via Amazon Music, and Google Play Music. Pre-order Ataraxishere.

Track Listing:

  1. Euthanize
  2. Area
  3. Becoming
  4. Rorschach
  5. Ataraxis
  6. Low

Watch “Area” official video here: