ZERO THEOREM Do ‘The Killing II’

Los Angeles-based Zero Theorem blend Hard Rock and Metal with a science fiction aesthetic. Often drawing comparisons to Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch, the band has once again teamed with renowned producer Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Hell Yeah, In This Moment, Papa Roach) on their new “The Killing II” EP, due out 1/22/2021. They are simultaneously releasing an animated video for ‘Joke,’ which is the new focus track for the EP.
Vocalist Caesar explains “The song ‘Joke’ reflects the illusory nature of the self, both in cyberspace and the physical world. No one is entirely what they may think or claim to be, even the most insightful among us. Moreover, today’s technological trends and social platforms seem to have amplified our tendency toward self-delusion.”
Caesar continues: “Maintaining a healthy sense of humility and open-mindedness can be challenging under more traditional circumstances. However, the need for critical reflection and honest self-representation is rapidly growing alongside our modern advancements.”
“Joke” is part of the band’s continued exploration of what it means to be authentically human, especially at a time in which the lines between organic and artificial reality continue to blur. In the accompanying video directed by Daniel Prothero, Zero Theorem expands its sci-fi universe with the depiction of another mysterious alien world. Here, a childlike being emerges from the ground to wreak havoc on the planet and its unsuspecting inhabitants as Prothero’s psychedelic 2D animation takes him on a whimsical journey of destruction and transformation.
“Joke’ is the follow up to ‘Translucent’ and ‘Swarm,’ which landed on Hard Rock and Metal playlists on all major streaming services in 2020. The band has been growing steadily since the release of their first EP, Ataraxis, in 2018. That EP yielded Top 30 BDS Active Rock singles “Area” and “Becoming.” Zero Theorem has accumulated more than 8.1 million audio streams of their music to date. The band toured extensively throughout 2019, playing more than 80 shows, including opening for Nonpoint and Hyro The Hero, as well as a headlining club tour.
The band released the single and video for “You” in the fall of 2019, and “The Killing I” EP in January in anticipation of 2020 tour dates, including the “Save The World Tour” with Fozzy, Through Fire and Royal Bliss – only to have all tour dates pushed back due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The band is slated to join Fozzy on tour in May 2021.
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