ZGARD Announce New Album ‘Place Of Power’

ZGARD is truly a remarkable phenomenon in the Ukrainian metal scene. Geographically located far from Ukraine’s music centres, like Kharkov and Kiev, Yaromisl managed to create his own unique style. Is it the nature of the Carpathians, or residence near the mountain Bogit, where a Zbruch Idol (9th-century Svetovid sculpture and one of very few monuments of pre-Christian Slavic beliefs) was located, which so influenced Yaromisl to create the music of ZGARD?
Either way, the result speaks for itself!

In 2019 Yaromisl finished the recording of his seventh studio album, “Place of Power“. ZGARD created eight fascinating epic pagan black metal songs. With “Place of Power” the band has reached the next level in their band history and the album is set to be released on May 21st via Schwarzdorn Production. Tracklist and album artwork can be seen below.

1. Arise
2. Trap of Cold
3. Old Ruins
4. Ascension Fog
5. The Fiendmother
6. Place of Power
7. Last Harvest
8. Thaw