Alissa White-Gluz Avril Lavigne

In a new interview with Metal Hammer magazine, ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz was asked if it annoyed her to see bands like JINJER and SPIRITBOX compared to ARCH ENEMY purely on the basis that all three acts have a female vocalist.

“No, I mean, I haven’t really heard that comparison, but comparing bands with female front people is nothing new,” Alissa responded. “That’s been happening forever. I guess that’s just something that people do. I can’t blame them, I guess. I mean, yeah, we’re all female. 

“I know both of those bands and I really love both of them,” she continued. “So I’m happy to hear that but I don’t think we really sounded alike musically. And I also don’t think that those two sound alike musically. I’ve been getting compared to other bands that have female front figures for 20-something years. I think the first comparison I got was GARBAGE, and then EVANESCENCE. Then I even got Avril Lavigne.”

Alissa also revealed that she moved to southern Germany during the pandemic in order to work on the forthcoming Arch Enemy album, Deceivers.

“I ended up… staying in Europe for an entire year,” she said. “I didn’t want to risk being far away from our hub, which is basically in Sweden and Germany, and not being able to get back to it. I rented a car and found a little home for myself in southern Germany; I stayed there for a whole year. I set up a studio down there and continued working on a lot of solo material.”

When asked if her solo album could soon see the light of day, Alissa responded: “Yeah, I’m working on that, but it’s gonna come out way after Deceivers. The ARCH ENEMY album is the one people should be looking forward to right now.”

Deceivers will be released on July 29 via Century Media Records. A collection of 11 tracks that are ruthlessly catchy and mercilessly violent, Deceivers stands toe to toe with the highlights of the band’s storied catalog. Deceivers can be pre-ordered via Amazon here.