Staff Openings


Know that everyone who becomes an official Metal-Addict will earn $0, £0, €0, or 0 in whatever other currency you use. Your payment will be in music that is obtained 100% legally and is not to be handed out in any way, shape, or form illegally and without the permission of the band and record company who created the album in the first place. Anyone who becomes a member of the staff must be mature, (of course) have an extremely passionate feel for any/most metal out there, and have a positive attitude towards anyone associated with Metal-Addicts.


So you’ve seen our site and would like to be part of it, eh? You want to be able to learn the latest news in all of metaldom, listen to music for free, support great bands, fill your appetite for metal music everywhere, and talk with metal icons from all across the globe? Well, you can do that! But that means that you have to do your part and help us out by creating articles worth reading about the latest news for metal fans, write quick and yet informative reviews for bands’ new albums, and be able to ask questions to bands and band members that are critical but practical so that fans get the best experience while knowing exactly what is going on.

Available Positions


Capable of writing reviews that are short and sweet. Content will be dividing amongst your fellow reviewers depending on who wants to do what kind of genre. The albums will be provided by Metal-Addicts Administrator about 80% of the time so there’s usually no need to search for material on your own.

News Coverer

You will be covering the latest news in metal for everything. Everything . . . The articles will show the situation clearly and easily. So clear that your newborn child will be able to read it flawlessly.


You will talk to band members and sometimes even the bands as a whole and ask them questions that you think people would want to know about. Questions like what their plains are for a new album, how they create the sound that they make, and what they think of the support that they’ve been given if you feel like ending the review off on a touching not.

Your Duties If You Accept This Mission

You must have an understanding and love for all (if not, most) metal genres and be eager to talk about them at a moment’s notice. This is an extremely important thing for reviewers. You cannot and will not view albums as music you don’t like. You must listen to these albums like you were listening to the first time and at least try to enjoy it. It’s not bad if you don’t like it, but it’s bad if you don’t want to write the review because it’s “pussy metal”.
Be a professional. You don’t have to use super fancy words or make everything sound like a leader’s speech to the nation. You just need to write the review and be conscious that it will be viewed by fans, bands, record labels; anyone.
Try to consider this as a long-term hobby. Don’t take it as something you do every once in a while. Take it as your if it were your own job and you were actually getting paid for this. Imagine it like this: consider this as you’re helping bands become more famous and making their lives better. Because you will be.
You will be required to know the most basic of graphic skills. By this I mean being able to resize a picture and re-format whatever your is your writing.
Most everything on here must be original and created by you for Metal-Addicts and Metal-Addicts only. Nothing posted here will be put anywhere else without the permission of the administrator.

If you’re interested in any of the above and can comply with the rules given, contact Reeder at reeder[at]reeder[dot]us for further information. It would be best if you included some samples of work you would make for Metal-Addicts. If you’d like to include what kind of metal you enjoy more than others that would be helpful so the problem of your not liking a band because of its genre doesn’t come up. And if you’d like to ask anyone for further information about what kind of music there is to review and how “hard” it is to be a reviewer, just email Vinterd at headbanger_reviews[at]yahoo[dot]com and he’ll take care of any and all questions you have.

If you have any more questions you can contact us here.