‘Being In A Band Feels Pretty Stupid, The Culture Is Embarrassing’, MONUMENTS Singer Says On State Of Metal Music

Andy Cizek

Andy Cizek, vocalist for the British progressive metal band MONUMENTS, spoke about heavy metal’s status in 2023 and how recent times have been exceedingly hard on most of its artists. The pandemic ground all live entertainment to a halt as transportation became increasingly scarce and professionals found themselves without work or opportunities. To make ends meet during lockdown, numerous individuals were forced to fall back on other lines of careers they had never considered before.

On January 16th, Cizek shared his views regarding the current state of music, writing on Twitter: “Being in a band feels pretty stupid now. the culture is embarrassing and nothing about it is cool anymore. make almost no money and half my old heroes are disgraced perverts. I’ve worked my whole life for this and all I feel is ashamed, broken down and obsolete. barely hanging on.”

He later added: “I’ll be fine. I still appreciate everyone who supports. I’ll keep making music. it is what it is.”

An overflow of support from fellow music artists rushed in to Cizek, including HATEBREED singer Jamey Jasta, STICK TO YOUR GUNS drummer Craig Reynolds, CANDY HEARTS leader Mariel Loveland and ENTER SHIKARI vocalist Rou Reynolds.

You can see their replies below.