How Heavy Metal Has Contributed To Earth’s Evolution.

Asphyx Headbanging

By: Sean McCleary

Earth is in a very powerful state of evolutionary development right now and entering into an important phase of the Paradigm Shift. The Paradigm Shift is a term that philosopher Thomas Kuhn coined as a revolutionary change in the complete structure of Earth’s operational activities. This is occurring because of certain changes that the Cosmos is going through and the activity that has been contained within Earth’s environment. Everything contained within Earth’s environment has contributed to driving this planet into evolution. There are some very important aspects of this activity that have contributed to this evolutionary development and music is one of the main contributors; especially Heavy Metal. There are important scientific factors that have caused energy to advance here contained within the realm of Heavy Metal music.

With my work in metaphysics I have recently discovered how this universe was introduced and music is an extension of this introduction. This universe was created out of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and vibrational frequencies. Over 14 billion years ago there was a very powerful form of Infinite Consciousness and energy everywhere that had always existed. Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy. Pure light energy comes from consciousness and higher frequency vibrations and pure dark energy comes from consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Infinite Consciousness made a decision over 14 billion years ago to design, create and introduce this universe. This was to further its own purpose which is to continue generating the evolution of infinity.
What happened was this consciousness conjoined the two different frequencies in a more powerful way than what had already existed with a particular design in mind which is known as this universe today. Because these two frequencies are different when they are combined with conceptualization for evolutionary purposes this creates pressure. Over a period of time Infinite Consciousness was creating and designing this universe and driving these two frequencies together. This activity caused a very powerful accumulation of pressure. When the design was completed for this universe what happened was the consciousness that was being designed came together, the pressure was released and the big bang occurred. This is how this universe was introduced. This universe is contained within Infinite Consciousness.

Earth and all life here are an extension and a representation of the activity that occurred while this universe was under design, the big bang and the continued evolutionary development that this universe is currently experiencing. What was introduced with this universe and what had to be introduced was something called the Higgs field. The Higgs field is an energy field that permeates throughout the universe and is attached to all living organisms for evolutionary purposes. The Higgs field is a combination of Infinite Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, pure light energy and pure dark energy. The Higgs field also contains frequency vibrations which are absorbed from Infinite Consciousness. There are different representations of space and time everywhere, so when these frequencies are generated everywhere this produces different subatomic particles. This is the foundation for the evolutionary development of this universe.
Planet Earth is incorporated in all of this activity. Earth has a consciousness because the environment contains consciousness everywhere. The Higgs field is also incorporated into the structure of planet Earth and is undergoing evolution right now, and a primary indicator of this was the discovery of the Higgs boson. The discovery of more different subatomic particles by scientists is another indication of the advancement of the Higgs field. The Higgs field supports Earth’s evolution and the evolution of all life here. The activity being generated all over Earth by human beings has all contributed to the evolution of the Higgs field which is helping Earth’s consciousness develop and evolve. Music produces sound from an amplification of vibrational frequencies. The foundation for all vibrational frequencies comes from the Higgs field. Heavy Metal music is the most powerful form of music because of the combination of ideologies contained within its structure. The energy that is exerted from the artists is also responsible for the level of power that is achieved through Heavy Metal.

Music is a representation of the experiences that human beings go through in life. The foundation for life is consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. Like I stated before pressure happens when frequencies from light and dark energy are combined especially where conceptualization from consciousness is concerned. Pressure contained within light and dark energy is also responsible for the acceleration of space and time. Consciousness and light energy is represented by warmth, compassion, intimacy, love, unity and peace. Consciousness and dark energy represents power, determination, fortitude, strength, commitment, perseverance , unity and love as well. Love is incorporated into light and dark energy, it is just expressed differently between the two. There is different sensations experienced when one is listening to an artist like Sarah McLachlan and TOOL but love is incorporated into both types of music. Love is the most powerful form of energy because love gives infinity a reason to evolve.
Heavy Metal expresses a full array of experiences from the human condition. Certain expressions are; relationships, the human race, religion, history, emotions, money, the government, love, fear etc. With the process of evolution there is always a level of resistance involved in varying degrees. The resistance contained within the human condition are; oppression, regression; conflict; anger; resentment; separation, hatred etc. This resistance contained within Earth’s consciousness and environment is consistently evolving through different activities causing the progression of evolution to move forward. Music is an expression of consciousness and energy that causes the resistance contained within World Consciousness to evolve. People interpret their own experiences and the experiences of others and utilize them as a form of entertainment. What happens is individually or in groups people experience powerful enjoyment from listening to music. This helps consciousness to continually evolve all over planet Earth.

The experiences that are put to music are continuously observed from the human condition. A lot of these experiences contain the elements of resistance that the human condition contains. This transfers through the production of music and human beings are affected in a very powerful and wonderful way. This produces more vibrations which contains the evolutionary momentum that is necessary for Earth’s development. This also generates more activity in the Higgs field. Love is the primary energy responsible for the evolution of infinity. Heavy Metal contains a very diverse combination of human experiences and the energy that is exerted with this form of music is at the most powerful level where the mixture of light and dark energy is concerned. Like I stated before the Higgs field contains a combination of light and dark energy. You’ve probably heard the phrase before “I love Heavy Metal”. Love needs to evolve completely into both light and dark energy in order for the Paradigm Shift to take place here; and this is what is happening on planet Earth. All types of music have helped Earth evolve but because of the power and diversity contained within the structure of Heavy Metal this type of music has made the most powerful contribution. Sean McCleary.