KIKO LOUREIRO Talks About His Favorite MEGADETH Albums

Kiko Loureiro

In the one-minute clip below, MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro discusses his favorite albums from the band he officially joined more than three years ago.

He says: “My favorite MEGADETH album… Of course, I would say ‘Dystopia’ [2016], but ‘Rust In Peace’ [1990] was very important for me as a kid listening to MEGADETH. And also ‘Youthanasia’ [1994], because I was already a professional guitar player. I remember doing a tour in France, and then everybody talking about [the song] ‘À Tout Le Monde’, and I remember listening a lot to that album in mid-’90s. So I was already a professional, so I was listening to MEGADETH as a professional guitar player. ‘Rust In Peace’, also listening kind of as a fan. So those two albums. And, of course, ‘Dystopia’ as a member of the band.”