New Study Reveals DEFTONES, SLIPKNOT, And SYSTEM OF A DOWN As The Most Popular Metal Bands To Have Sex To

Slipknot Deftones System Of A Down

In a groundbreaking study that intersects the realms of music and intimacy, researchers from ZipHealth have identified DEFTONES, SLIPKNOT, and SYSTEM OF A DOWN as the most popular metal bands that people prefer to have sex to. This revelation challenges the stereotypical perception of metal music as solely aggressive or angry and highlights its multifaceted appeal, including its potential to enhance romantic and intimate experiences.

Ziphealth, an online doctor and prescription service, collected data by surveying 1,000 people about their sex lives and music streaming preferences. They discovered that pop music was the most popular choice for the bedroom, with many respondents specifically mentioning the sensual sounds of Canadian crossover artist The Weeknd to set the mood.

Among the eight musical genres analyzed in the survey, metal ranked seventh, trailing behind pop, rap, R&B, indie rock, alternative, and EDM, but ahead of classic rock.

Within the metal genre, fans expressed a preference for hearing Chino Moreno‘s steamy vocals over a DEFTONES groove during intimate moments. SLIPKNOT ranked second, and SYSTEM OF A DOWN completed the top three favorite metal bands for these occasions.

Researchers also discovered that metal fans typically engage in longer sex sessions, averaging about 30.8 minutes, ranking it as the fourth longest among all music genres. Additionally, metal fans showed the highest likelihood of having a fetish (72%) and participating in a threesome (54%). Moreover, metalheads were found to be the second most likely group to engage in a one-night stand (82%) and participate in an orgy (21%).

As cultural perceptions continue to evolve, the study invites further exploration into the complex relationship between music, emotions, and intimacy, proving once again that metal is more than just music—it’s a profound and multifaceted experience.