Original METALLICA Bassist Says DAVE MUSTAINE Was ‘Far Ahead Of Us As Musicians’ in Early Metallica

Ron McGovney Dave Mustaine

METALLICA is remarkable in that they recognize those who have collaborated with them over the years. One of these figures is Ron McGovney, who was the band’s original bassist while Dave Mustaine was also in the group.

Even though Ron was no longer in the band when Dave was let go, he was still able to experience both the good and bad times with him while he was part of the lineup.

According to his recent posts on social media, Ron was highly impressed by Mustaine‘s musical abilities during his time with the band.

In one of his recent tweets, Ron wrote: “No Life Til Leather still is the best metal demo ever. Dave Mustaine just kills it on this tape. He leaves the rest of us in the dust. I am just listening to it for the first time in 10 years. Wow!”

Ron wanted to clarify that while Mustaine was a superior musician compared to them in the past, James and Lars were still exceptional as well.

He later wrote, as a response to one fan: “I am not talking bad about James and Lars or even me for that matter. Dave was just so far ahead of us as musicians at that point. I have a huge amount of respect for James, Lars, and Dave for what they have accomplished in the music industry.