REVIEW: Enemy Of Reality – Rejected Gods


Enemy Of Reality is a new symphonic metal band from Greek who released their long awaited debut full-length album “Rejected Gods” on June 30th, 2014 via FYB-Records.

Lyric soprano Iliana Tsakiraki, guitarist Steelianos, keyboardist Marianthi, bassist Thanos and drummer Philip Stone each bring something unique to this all-star lineup.

The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered by producer Mark Adrian (MEDEN AGAN, BOB KATSIONIS) at Artemis Studios and the artwork is masterpiece designed by Pierre-Alain D. of 3mmi Design.

The intro ‘Medusa’ was composed by Christos Antoniou (SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR) and the closing track ‘Step Into The Light ‘ was arranged by Renos Miliaris (SEPTEMBERCODE).

Also, the album features guest performances such as Ailyn Giménez (Sirenia), Mike LePond (Symphony X), Androniki Skoula (Chaostar), Maxi Nil (Jaded Star, ex-Visions of Atlantis)

The track list is as follows:

1. Medusa
2. My Own Master (feat. Mike LePond)
3. Lifeless Eyes
4. Needle Bites (feat. Ailyn Giménez)
5. One Last Try
6. Her Descending Ghost
7. The Bargaining (feat. Androniki Skoula)
8. Grief Divine
9. Torn Apart
10. Twist Of Time
11. Step Into The Light (feat. Maxi Nil)

You can buy album Here.