TOM MORELLO: ‘ZAKK WYLDE Doesn’t Love Heavy Metal As Much As I Do!’

Tom Morello Zakk Wylde

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello recently sat down with Metal Hammer to talk about Metal Lords, the new Netflix coming-of-age comedy written by D.B. Weiss.

When asked on how he came onboard as Executive Music Producer on Metal Lords, a brand new Netflix movie written and directed by Game Of Thrones showrunner DB Weiss, Morello responded: “Dan and I are heavy metal Dads at school, our kids know each other and they actually play in a band together. Dan was the guy in a MASTODON shirt and I was the guy in the JUDAS PRIEST shirt, we are both from the Chicago suburbs, and so we bonded over that before we even got to talking about Game of Thrones or RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

Dan told me about the idea for this movie and would I like to be involved, that is low hanging fruit, I would love to do it.”

“I asked him, ‘What’s my job?’ and he said ‘I definitely need you to write a song, and the song will be called ‘Machinery of Torment.’I said ‘I’ve been waiting my whole life to write a song called Machinery of Torment!’’ So, I did! “Honestly, I couldn’t wait to do that song. Over the course of 22 records, I’ve made metal that is mixed with rap and rock and alternative. What do I do when I make metal that is cut with nothing but more metal? What is that going to sound like? So as my fingers were writing these riffs, I had that in mind, this is only going to be a metal song!”

He went on to say that he and Weiss are prepared for the inevitable backlash from the scene’s ‘That’s Not Metal’ contingent who will take umbrage that ‘outsiders’ have stepped on their turf.

“For me, I was always an outcast amongst outcasts, I was the only black kid with an afro at every DIO show — kind of a double outcast. Dan could have got Zakk Wylde to do this, but Zakk Wylde doesn’t love heavy metal as much as I do! He might look like he does, but he doesn’t!”

Metal Lords premieres on Netflix on April 08th.