Photo credit ANGELA WEISS, AFP/Getty Images

Tommy Lee has once again slammed President Donald Trump, calling the former host of NBC‘s reality show “The Apprentice” a “f*ckhead.”

The MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer made his comment in a tweet early this morning. He wrote: “Trump! You’re such a f*ckhead”

It is not clear what prompted Lee‘s latest outburst.

The rocker has criticized Trump a number of times in the past, most recently in December when he referred to the 45th U.S. president as an “asshole” and labeled his supporters “dumbasses.” A year earlier, he called the president “a f*cking idiot” and said the people who voted for him are “dickheads.”

After Trump was elected president in November 2016, Lee expressed his disbelief on Twitter, writing: “What the actual f*ck is happening?”

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