AC/DC’s PHIL RUDD Reportedly Banned From Entering U.S.

Phil Rudd

AC/DC is set to return to the stage after a hiatus of over seven years on Saturday, October 7th, at the Power Trip festival in California.

AC/DC‘s much-anticipated live comeback has ignited anticipation among their vast fanbase, with many hoping that this will be the beginning of a comprehensive tour. AC/DC has also enlisted the skills of drummer Matt Laug for their forthcoming performance at the festival.

AC/DC didn’t provide any clarification regarding why Phil Rudd, the band’s long-term drummer who returned to AC/DC to record their comeback album Power Up, released in November 2020, is not present for the upcoming performance. However, numerous sources claim that it’s possible it may be related to his previous legal issues.

In 2015, Rudd pled guilty to charges of threatening to kill a former employee and drug possession. As a result, he was sentenced to eight months of home confinement.

Rudd‘s legal team fought this sentence, arguing that it was disproportionately damaging to his music career. They pointed out that Rudd‘s inability to travel due to the sentence was preventing him from reuniting with his band, AC/DC. However, the judge was unsympathetic to these arguments, implying that bands can replace members.