BLUE MIDNIGHT Frontwoman JUSTINE Talks ‘Dream Metal’, 90’s Grunge And More

Blue Midnight

If you’ve been following the latest from the LA metal and rock scene, its likely that you’ve heard of the group BLUE MIDNIGHT. Mixing the best of grunge, alternative rock, progressive metal and more esoteric musical pairings (violins over cutting guitar riffs, anyone?), the band has been on an upward trajectory since the release of their 2018 album Eternal Wish. The group has been busy perfecting their live performance, most recently opening for TOOL, SLIPKNOT, BLINK 182, KORN, LAMB OF GOD and more at this years Aftershock Festival, and preparing for their next studio project due out in 2020.

Front woman JUSTINE took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about the bands influences, plans & more in this exclusive Metal Addicts interview!

Your style is self-described as “dream metal.” What are the defining elements of that sound?

Yes I do describe the music as Dream Metal. I have no other way to describe it. I think the reason I call the music dream metal is because it is a blend of synthesizers, heavy guitar, hard hitting drums and bass, but then theres the clean vocals and the layers with violin and the room to allow the strings to come through. The idea is that the music is in another world. I want people to rock out but also feel like they are in a dream like state. 

Blue Midnight combines the sounds of ’90s grunge rock and metal with a symphonic, classical side. These styles are generally considered to be pretty disparate—how do you approach combining them in an engrossing way?

You know its interesting. Believe it or not, metal and classical music are actually very similar. If you listen to guitar solos in metal and compare it to classical composers, you will find that the scales are very similar. My approach is to combine the idea of having layers and melodies with something thats also catchy and relatable in terms of lyrics and capturing human emotions. 

Your debut album, Eternal Wish, came out in 2018 and are currently writing new music;  did you learn anything from writing and releasing Eternal Wish that will affect your next album?

Thats a really good question. I think Eternal Wish is written about a very specific phase of my life. I started writing that album when I was 19 and I think that I’ve grown as writer in a lot of ways. I think my next album is going to be more honest and its going to reflect a different stage in my life and career as a musician. 

Where do you find inspiration for your music and lyrics? Is it in your hometown of Los Angeles, your personal lives or somewhere differently entirely

I think inspiration comes from everywhere. Some songs are deeply personal and some are inspired by things I find like words in a dictionary. I think most of my songs are about relationships, not necessarily about other people, but mainly the relationship that I have with myself. 

Connect with BLUE MIDNIGHT via their official website.