BRENT HINDS Tells How MASTODON Got Kicked From OZZFEST After He Pooped In Sink

Brent Hinds

In a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, MASTODON guitarist Brent Hinds has discussed the incident on Ozzfest that led to his band end up kicked from the festival.

Interviewer asked him “Howard Jones told a story a while back about you getting kicked off Ozzfest for being on mushrooms and something about pooping in a sink. Did that really happen?”

“No. It wasn’t mushrooms… I guess they kicked us off in Nashville and we couldn’t play that day because I had broken a stair handrail while I was waiting to use the bathroom,” Hinds responded. “I had broken the handrail off while shaking it, impatiently waiting to take a sh*t. I had accidentally wiggled it loose. So security came over to say, ‘Hey, come with us. You can’t be breaking sh*t.’

“I had other plans than going with them. I think I went the other way. Because I had not complied and went with them, then they were really pissed,” he continued. “I think I had shaken them pretty fast and I was back in our tour bus but I had fallen down an embankment on the way there — I was in my underwear because it was quite early in the morning.

“When I finally reached the tour bus to tell my tour manager about the security chasing me because I had ripped the handrail from the porta-potty, my tour manager at the time, Paul Massaro, asked me if I had sh*t myself because I had fallen down that embankment and I had this brown mud all over the back of my underwear.

“I said, ‘No, man, I still have to sh*t really bad.’ I hadn’t been able to take a sh*t because people were chasing me. So he brought me somewhere where I could poop.

“Then because of that little debacle I just told you about, they canceled our show for that day. Then Ozzfest fans really got mad because they wanted to see MASTODON because we were a new band at the time that was really kicking a—s out there, I guess.

“So the fans did something where they did a petition to get us back on Ozzfest the next day. But we did not play that day in Nashville. So the story is not true at all. The real story goes the way I just told you,” Hinds added. The day before all that, we had a day off in Nashville and I was hanging out with Sheldon Williams [HANK III] and me and him were tripping — he had given me this really good stuff called Nexus [2C-B] which is an old dance hall psychedelic and you take it and the walls start breathing and everything.

“So I was just hungover from partying with Sheldon and I was having some residuals from being on this drug called Nexus, along with being hungover on Mike‘s Hard Lemonade and Tequila. I can remember that day like it was yesterday for some reason.”