BRING ME THE HORIZON Keyboardist Says He Wants To Sing About His ‘Big Balls’ On Next Album

Jordan Fish

BRING ME THE HORIZON keyboardist Jordan Fish has expressed his displeasure of not being able to contribute on the lyrical content for the band.

When providing an update on upcoming album, Jordan said: “Sometimes I feel like I’ve got all these lyrics, you know? I’ve got so many lyric ideas, and I can’t express them because, you know, he’s [Oli Sykes, BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman] the main lyricist and he’s so good at it and all this stuff…”

“I’ve got long balls,” he explained. “Saggy ball sack. It’s just got longer and longer as time’s gone on. I’m 34 now, and I’ve got a lot to say about it.”

BRING ME THE HORIZON‘s latest album was released on 25 January 2019. The album was announced on 22 August 2018, a day after the release of the lead single “Mantra.” It was produced by Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish, and was written and recorded primarily in Los Angeles.