In an interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink RadioANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante was asked about his current relationship with Carla Harvey from BUTCHER BABIES and how did they meet.

Charlie responded:

“Actually, we met at… Well, she says we met earlier, but I don’t remember it. She says she interviewed me at the [RevolverGolden Gods Awards, but I don’t remember it, but she does have a picture of it, so I know I was there. And then we played a festival in San Bernardino [California] together. I think it was — it could have been Knotfest. And then afterwards, our manager said, ‘Oh, the BUTCHER BABIES, they covered one of your songs for this, blah, blah, blah,’ and I’m, like, ‘Oh, cool.’ And then, that’s how I ended up meeting her, at that show. And we were both kind of interested in the same type of things — like, goofy, nerdy s**t. But at the time, we were both kind of involved in marriages and stuff, and that was it. We would e-mail here and there, ‘Hey, did you check out this book?‘ or, ‘Did you see that?‘ And then that was it. I didn’t talk to her for a bit. And then one day, I was in L.A. making a record, and I hit her up, and I said, ‘You wanna meet around here, go get a coffee or something?‘ And, she turned me down. And then I hit her back up a little bit later, and she’s, like, ‘Okay, I’ve to gotta go to the art store in that area. Do you wanna come with me?‘ And we ended up going to an art store. And that was it.”

When asked: “Do you think that being with someone in the music business helps in a relationship, since you’re from the same worlds?

He responded:

I don’t know what it helps. Because of the COVID thing, we got to spend every single day and moment together. Then, once we go back on tour, it may be a little difficult because of schedules and stuff like that. So, that part may be the unnatural part, you know what I mean? But, I guess when we do see each other, it’ll be really good.”

Harvey makes a guest appearance on Benante‘s covers album, Silver Linings, which was released on May 14th via Megaforce Records. The 14-track effort features an all-star cast of “who’s who” in the thrash, metal, and rock worlds, with all cuts culled from Benante‘s acclaimed “quarantine jam” video series.