CHESTER BENNINGTON’s Brother-in-Law Says MIKE SHINODA Is ‘Profiting on Fans’ Grief’

Mike Shinoda Chester Bennington

John Knehr, the brother-in-law of late LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington, spoke up via Twitter regarding his wife Tobi‘s recent accusations against Chester‘s bandmate Mike Shinoda, Alternative Nation reports.

Initially, Tobi accused Shinoda of mistreating her brother 
throughout the years.

“My LP Family, ‘I scream at myself when there’s nobody else to fight; I don’t lose, I don’t win, if I’m wrong then I’m halfway right; I know what I want but it feels like I’m paralyzed,” Tobi wrote on Twitter.. This is how I feel about Mike vs. Chester. Someday the truth will come out.”

Now her husband, John, was approached by the fans on the matter. You can check his conversation with fans below.

Fan 1: “Is Tobi OK?!?! Please let us know? Was her account hacked? I see it’s no longer active? Please just let us know she’s OK?! Please! Thank you!”

Tob‘s account wasn’t hacked… We don’t know who took it down! I’m sure she’ll put up another Twitter account in a few days. She’s struggling with this BS Mike Vs. Chester and she finally had enough.

“Being in a band [called Nice Guy Johnny] myself, there’s always disagreements often it makes the music better sometimes it breaks a band up. In this case, the clash between the two was something that grew over time. I don’t know why but we saw it first-hand over many years. But it doesn’t take away from there music! That’s band business, not Twitter bait!”

Tobi is fine – upset, absolutely – but fine nevertheless. We don’t know who or why her account was taken down. Chester did an awesome job of keeping Tob and his Mom out of the public eye now we see why! It can be very viscous and I don’t know if she’ll come back online again!”

Fan 2: “Why is this public? To be honest and no disrespect to you or Tobi – why would private matters be on Twitter?”

“This is the problem with social media. You hear everything! As it grows and your name grows, you no longer get to not hear everything because it’s everywhere! My wife was tired of hearing and seeing things we know aren’t true and upsetting to her, so she let it out.

“Was it right?!? I don’t know, we believe in keeping personal matters personal. When you’re in the public eye, I guess that’s hard! Add history and it’s tougher still! Personality differences don’t change the accomplishments! Disrespect though is hard!”

Fan 2: “I’m sorry you feel this way but many of us don’t. Mike is a good man. So our question again, with no disrespect, is why this wasn’t kept off social media? Fans don’t need to know this, all it did was upset a lot of people and bring many back to July 20th [the day Chester died] who Mike was helping heal.”

“I agree and I’m sorry for that! Truly I am, but 17 months ago the world lost a truly gifted talented man! My wife lost her brother that through a really tough upbringing – Tob helped raise him. They had a bond that was absolutely amazing for me to see. They would finish each other’s thoughts, know what the other was going to say, almost like you hear about twins. I guess she feels like her brother’s memory is being taken advantage of. Her loss is far greater and she can’t get away from it. It follows her everywhere!”

Fan 2: “In one of the tweets, Tobi said Mike knows when she was asked why not go to him directly and voice this. So if he knows, what’s the need to bring it here online? Mike was blindsided on here and that isn’t right.”

“He might not have expected it at this moment but there have been plenty of things said through the years with everyone around. This is not a surprise. It’s sad, no doubt, but not a surprise. Again, it doesn’t take away from the music or accomplishments!”

In a response to a tweet from a fan whose account is private, John said:

“Now you’re getting warm on one of the main themes that hurt my wife. Mike having the crowd sing Chester‘s parts! So wrong! Hire a new lead singer and go out as LP 2.0! That we all support. But he’s profiting on fans’ grief! That’s wrong and sad!”

In a response to a tweet from another fan that was subsequently deleted, Knehr wrote:

“Sorry you feel that way and sorry you took it that way! No one ever attached the music? Their achievements – what a kick-ass live band they were. But you don’t have to get along to do all that. Apparently, you don’t know your music history! It happens all the time!”